• What is the registration fee for our group to participate in NYR, Where You Are?
    • The registration fee for your group is $100, regardless of the size of group you’re hosting.
  • Do I need to register individual students and sponsors this year for the online experience?
    • There is no need to register individual students or sponsors this year with NYR! We will only ask for an estimated number of attendees.

Register your group today!


  • What will happen to my NYR 2020 campsite reservations and fees?
    • All campsite reservations for NYR 2020 will be extended to NYR 2021.
  • How do I make a campsite reservation for NYR 2021?
    • If you have a current campsite reservation for NYR 2020, your reservation will be moved to 2021. If you did not have a campsite reservation for 2020 but will attend in 2021, contact Gentre Graham to make your reservation before NYR 2021.
  • What will happen to my reservation if I had a multi-year reservation?
    • The existing registration will be extended by 1 year at no additional charge.
  • Can my group camp on or use the NYR grounds for our own retreat?
    • NYR grounds are closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Further questions about your campsites can be directed to Gentre Graham at

NYR Experience

  • What are some suggestions to make our week special for our students?
    • Suggestions can be found in the Leader’s Manual.
    • If you would like to be in contact with another youth minister/leader that has a similar size group as yours, contact Lindsey Wall at
  • Is there promo material for NYR, Where You Are?
  • What materials will be provided for us this year?
    • This information can be found at NYR 2020 Info. We have 2 options for Registration this year and your choice will determine what you receive with your registration.
  • Will there be a time of offering this year?
    • There will be a time of offering. Details on how to donate will be available at a later date.

Further information about these questions can be found at NYR 2020 Info

Apparel and Resources 

  • Will the merch be sent early enough for us to receive it before our group holds NYR?
    • NYR apparel orders can be placed up until 11:59 on August 2. Items will be mailed to you the week of August 17.
  • Can I order a box set of DVDs?
    • DVD box sets will not be made this year. All main sessions will be available on the NYR Resources page on September 1.
  • Will the Main Sessions be available on YouTube again this year?
    • All main sessions will be available on the NYR Resources page and the NYR YouTube channel on September 1.